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Have you been wondering about economical ways to strengthen the integrity of your home or commercial business? We highly recommend metal roofing New Orleans. A metal roof provides endless ways to reinforce your house's structural components because it's a protective barrier.

So it only makes sense that a durable metal roof would do the job perfectly. Our team, The New Orlean Roofers, has been repairing, replacing, and installing roofing systems since 2014. We're a fully licensed, bonded, and insured business that employs GAF-certified roofers. We understand the importance of securing a stable roof overhead. Our top priority is fitting customers with the best roofing style for their budget and needs.

Metal roofs are perfect for residential and commercial properties. We've also installed metal roofs onto agricultural buildings. Plus, metal roofs come in various colors, which help enhance the beauty of your structure. Would you like a free consultation with one of our committed metal roofing experts? If so, please complete the online contact form HERE, and we'll get right with you.

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What are the Key Benefits of Having a Metal Roof?

Having a metal-roof house or commercial property is a great investment. It saves you money and allows for personalization. There are numerous benefits to opting for metal over other materials, and we're going to dive into some of them right now:

  • Longevity - Metal roofing systems can last over 50 years with minimal maintenance! That's incredible and is what makes metal roofs so economical.
  • Lightweight Material - Some roofing materials, like slate, are very heavy and require the building's structure to be reinforced to bear the weight. That's not the case with metal, as it ranges from 50 to 150 pounds per square foot.
  • Quick & Easy to Install - Because metal comes in multiple single sections or panels, it is incredibly easy to install. You'll have your new roof in as little as a few days!
  • Minimum Roof Pitch - Unlike other roofing materials that require certain pitches, metal roofs can be installed on just about any roofing slope.
  • Excellent Rain & Snow Shedding - Metal roofs conduct heat from the sun and have a slick surface, meaning rain and snow slide right off. No excess weight!
  • Energy Efficient - Metal roofing systems help keep your indoor climate comfortable and consistent, thus keeping energy bills low.
  • Eco-Friendly - Do you plan to install solar panels? Your metal roof is an excellent companion for smooth solar system installation.
  • Moss, Fungus, and Fire Resistant - Metal is one of the safest, most health-conscious materials for your home or business.

Still on the fence about whether metal roofing is for you or not? We get it! Choosing a roof style and material are big decisions. So why not check out our blog for some further insight?

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When Your Roof Needs an Upgrade, We Suggest Metal!

Metal roofing systems in NOLA are truly something to behold. Due to yearly tropical storms and hurricanes that rumble through the state, homes and commercial properties require strong, sturdy roofing systems. We strongly recommend metal when you want a roof that's not easily detached from your abode.

Does your current roof have irreparable problems? Maybe you have leaks that you're constantly repairing, yet they keep springing back up. The best option might be to replace the entire roofing system with metal. The structural damages your faulty roof is causing will instantly subside, and you'll save loads of money in repair costs.

Plus, you'll have an excellent roof over your head that protects you and your contents and will last a lifetime. Now that sounds like a good deal to us! Remember, the longer you wait to replace your less-than-stellar roofing system, the more damage you'll accrue.

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The Top-Rated Roofers You Need

Are you excited about getting your new metal roofing project off the ground? We look forward to installing a great roofing system on your property. We've been a functioning roofing company for over a decade, but our experience goes much deeper than that. Each contractor on our service has undergone GAF certification training as we value advanced education.

We're a fully licensed and insured business that never cuts corners or takes shortcuts. We want your roof to be excellent and installed with precision. Basically, we work on our customer's roofing systems the same way we'd work on our own. So whether you need a new metal roof for a construction project or are looking to replace the one you currently have, we're the crew for the job, guaranteed.



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The New Orleans Roofers is your top-rated source for residential and commercial roof repair, replacement, and new construction projects. We offer all styles and materials for your convenience, including luxurious slate, traditional asphalt shingles, and exotic tiles. Do you have an emergency roofing problem? We're available 24 hours a day to help!

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No matter their walk of life, all of our customers are equally important to us and valued. For top-notch roofing services, hire The New Orleans Roofers!
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