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Are you in the market for new roof construction in New Orleans, LA? If so, we are so happy you found our website! The New Orleans Roofers offers everything needed to make your new roofing project a success. Have you decided on the style and materials that you'd like to be used? If not, our contractors can help you with that.

You can also browse our featured image gallery to see previous projects that we've completed as a source of inspiration. Since 2012, our company has been designing and building brand new roofing systems for residential and commercial customers.

Our goal is to keep reliable roofs over LA for both residential and commercial customers. We'd love to sit down with you today and give you a FREE roofing estimate. All you have to do is give us a call. Are you ready to get started?

new roof construction new orleans
new roof installation new orleans

Is New Roof Construction a Wise Investment?

Absolutely! Building a roof in New Orleans, LA is an incredible investment because it improves the appearance and value of your home or commercial property. Let's take a look at some of the other benefits that come along with having new roof construction:

  • Increases Property Value - If you ever plan to sell your home, adding a new roof is a wonderful way to increase the value of the property significantly.
  • Raises ROI - Did you know that the best way to increase the return on investment of your property is by adding a new roof? You can see a 67-70% increase!
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal - Let's face it. Old, damaged roofing system looks terrible from the curb. By replacing the old roof with something modern and new, you're giving your home a facelift.
  • Energy Efficiency - Did you know that old roofs are often drafty and cause energy bills to skyrocket? Having a brand new roof built will decrease utility costs.
  • New Technology - We only use roofing materials that are made using the most modern available technology. When our crew rebuilds your roof, you truly are getting an upgrade.
  • Health & Safety - Very old roofs contain materials like asbestos that are extremely harmful to humans and pets. In addition, roofs that are prone to leaks can cause mold to grow, which is also detrimental. A new roofing system nips all health and safety hazards in the bud!

We honestly could go on and on about the incredible benefits of new roof construction. Instead, how about we show you? Call, email, or fill out our convenient online contact form to schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation and estimate today!


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Give Your New Orleans Property the Gift of New Roof Construction

Are you curious about our roof construction methods in New Orleans? We'd love to go over them with you during your no-obligation consultation. But, remember, the clock is ticking. When your home or office is currently covered by an outdated roofing system, you could fall victim to increased energy bills, damages, and even safety issues.

Constructing a new roof for our customers is more than aesthetics and curb appeal. Although those things are nice, we also focus on the safety that building and installing a new roof brings. Did you know that our roofing systems are made to last a lifetime?

Plus, your insurance premiums have the potential to decrease after a brand new roof is installed. However, you can't reap any of these benefits by doing nothing. So, how about we put you on our schedule today? Let's chat about your future new roof!

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New Orleans' Most Sought After Roof Construction Company

The New Orleans Roofers is a fully licensed and insured business that takes all matters of roofing very seriously. You won't find us slacking off on the job or using subpar materials. We fully intend to build you a roof that'll last for many years.

Plus, all of our roofing systems are backed by long-standing warranties. Did you know that we specialize in all roofing types and styles? You are not committed to reinstalling the same kind of roof that you've always had. Our contractors, who are all GAF-certified, can build you the roof of your dreams.

Please tell us what you're looking for, and we'll make it happen. The most common roofing systems we design include asphalt shingles, metal, and rubber roofs for commercial properties. We can't wait to get to work on yours!



See what our customers have to say:
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"I called about a roof repair from The New Orleans Roofers for our asphalt roof, which was losing shingles left and right. From start to finish, they were communicative, knowledgable, and affordable. I definitely recommend them!"
- Fred F.

Expert Roofing Services for Our NOLA Friends!

We make it a priority to give our customers the roofing services that they need including 24/7 emergency repair. Call us today for all of your roof replacement, installation, construction, and inspection needs. All of our services are available to residential and commercial customers. For your peace of mind, we only use high-quality materials.

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Above Average Roofs for Above Average People

No matter their walk of life, all of our customers are equally important to us and valued. For top-notch roofing services, hire The New Orleans Roofers!
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